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Doing so may cause the free/busy information for the folder to become corrupted.See XCLN: Resource Calendars Display Incorrect Free and Busy Times. There is some extra set up required to access Shared Local Folder. If the device that runs this app supports app data backup, any content placed on Local Folder will be eligible to be backed up to the cloud. Application Data.current; var local Settings = application Data.local Settings; // Create a simple setting local Settings.values["example Setting"] = "Hello Windows"; // Read data from a simple setting var value = local Settings.values["example Setting"]; if (! Values["example Setting"] = "Hello Windows"; // Read data from a simple setting Object value = local Settings. Each setting can be up to 8K bytes in size and each composite setting can be up to 64K bytes in size. ' Change this to Dim roaming Folder As Windows. Another folder, Shared Local Folder, is persistent across app user accounts and should be used for large files accessed by multiple users. Windows indexes the file content and metadata (properties) in this "Indexed" folder and all its subfolders. Local Settings; // Create a simple setting local Settings. Values("example Setting") If value Is Nothing Then ' No data Else ' Access data in value End If ' Delete a simple setting local Settings. Remove("example Setting") For both Local Settings and Roaming Settings, the name of each setting can be 255 characters in length at most.The most common scenario in which this feature is used is a manager and his or her assistant.The assistant might be responsible for maintaining the manager's schedule, including creating and responding to meeting requests.

For more information about Exchange server permissions, see Managing Exchange Server Permissions In order to share Outlook subfolders with another user, you need to give them the desired permission (at least Reviewer) to the folder and at least Folder visible permission to every folder above the shared subfolder.Share [folder name] to open the sharing invitation.Select the addresses from the Global Address List (GAL) and select the desired permissions. When you use this method, permissions are set, but you can change the permissions as needed in folder permissions. You can store your app data in app-specific, versioned formats. For more details on using these APIs, see Store and retrieve settings and other app data. The sync engine has restrictions on the file name conventions that you must follow to ensure the items in the roaming folder can roam. For more information on accessing and using this folder, see Shared Local Folder. Therefore if you want to persist data and keep it local to the device you should consider using Local Cache Folder. value) else // Delete a simple setting local Settings.values.remove("example Setting"); var local Settings = Windows. Values["example Setting"]; if (value == null) else // Delete a simple setting local Settings. Remove("example Setting"); Dim local Settings As Windows. The Windows Runtime data types are supported for app settings.

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They can view the contents using the File, Open, Other users folder command.

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