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You can join us at 7 pm or come in a little early to take in the festivities which will take place throughout the day on 14th August at Lok Virsa.

Dear Friends, Lok Virsa is celebrating the 70 years of independence by paying tributes to our cultural heritage of dance , literature , theater and photography.

The earlier focus had been more on the first two aspects.

Currently, the focus will be on the promotion of Folk Heritage of Pakistan in a way that is relevant to people of all ages and backgrounds and to provide more meaning, depth and rootedness in life.

The aircraft then took off just after 3.30pm, and was due in Islamabad at 4.40pm.

Four hours after the crash, the flight-information section of the airline’s website was still showing the aircraft as “in flight”.

We invite you to be a part of this historic celebration and enjoy the festivities.

Just like you, I am all for sports being kept out of politics and maintained at a level above the grit and the grime. There's the politics of public funding of stadiums, of nationalism and militarism at the parks, of ticket sales and revenue teams, of parochial pride and official ambition, of payments and payoffs and corruption. Whether we win or lose is immaterial to this argument.

May 8, 2015: A Pakistani military helicopter crashes, killing eight people including the Norwegian, Philippine and Indonesian envoys and the wives of Malaysian and Indonesian envoys, and setting a school building ablaze in a remote northern valley of near Gilgit.

On 4 June, Indian will play Pakistan in the Champions Trophy kickoff.

One has to travel for more than four kilometres on foot to reach the spot.

Villagers on site told us that the plane was first on fire and now smoke is rising from the wreckage.''We hope that all bodies will be shifted to Islamabad tomorrow and then we will start process of handing them over to their families,' he said, adding that captain Saleh was an experienced pilot with 12,000 flying hours of experience.

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