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Cheers Mine is exactly the same, rear left corner on drivers seat, seems due to when getting in the car, sliding into the seat and the leather bunches up slightly.I doubt there's much can be done, i would just consider it part of the character of leather being a natural material.My RX8 leather still looked perfect after 3 years...although the seat design was very different come to think of it.On my Z4 the base part (which your bum sits on) got a bit of a shine to it after a while, but so far the coupe seats look fine.ive always had the same in all my previous bmws as well as the coupe. Don't think that after less than 3 weeks' ownership the leather should need moisturising yet Catscratch, but I'll give them a clean at the weekend just to see.Its a shame it happens, but like the previous said, theres probably nothing you or the dealer can do, and just a natural characteristic I'd be interested to see what the dealer does say if you tell them about it, keep us informed if you can. I may mention it when I pop into the dealer in the next coupe of weeks, but as you say I doubt there'll be much they can do.He said, "Mom, I don't PLAY with Transformers, I collect them. I counted the cooking vessels: ten, not including cutting boards which also needed to be washed.

On Friday, a Devastator (G1) arrived from Hilliard, Ohio.I was just suprised because the rest of the car seems to be built to such a good standard.As I said, I have had leather seats before and not had the same creasing occur.This BBW hookup site is the best choice for those who prefer their women curvy and beautiful.Horny XXXL beauties log in to find a guy to spend a fiery night in bed or to fix a long passionate affair.

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I counted my cookbooks this week and there are 1,123 occupying 266 feet of shelf space.

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