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I think that this season, in particular, a real community has formed amongst the cast and crew and even the extras. So it’s given the show a more authentic, real look.

They built like a four-acre town to replicate Salem. It’s like the Salem village actually really does exist! But I think Tamzin Merchant is just perfect for it.

The protected classes included in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are race, color, religion, national origin and sex.

Over the years, bills have been introduced in the General Assembly seeking to extend protected class status to those in the LGBT community, but they have either failed or not been voted out of committee.

"Ohio, sadly, remains one of 28 states, where you can be fired, evicted or denied services because of who you are or whom you love," said Alana Jochum, Northeast Ohio director for Equality Ohio, the statewide education and advocacy organization focused on the LGBT community.

Yeager confronted the victim regarding the rumors, and all was found to be true.Then they were like, “Well how about auditioning for Mercy Lewis?” Oh my god, this is such a long story—I’m going to try to condense this as much as I can.Payton said at various OCRC events held throughout the state, residents have shared with him and his staff real-life stories similar to the job interview scenario above.Sometimes they would inquire about filing charges with the OCRC against an employer who refused to hire them because of their sexual orientation.

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