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She also rants on Instagram about guys that tell her she won’t be gay forever.(Check her Pussy Monster shirt in case you had any question.)It’s not clear if Amanda was asked to keep her sexuality out of the conversation while she was signed (she now releases music independently), but she’s clearly out now.

” and she also is going to have a reality series made about her life from the producer of But while Da Brat sings songs about women giving her lap dances and cooking her dinner, hosts lesbian-only events and jokes that when she was in prison “every female wanted her,” she still won’t openly discuss her sexuality.Lisa Raye (best known to us old schoolers as “Diamond” in the “Player’s Club”) and rapper, Da Brat, are biological sisters with the same father, David Ray Mc Coy.Their beloved father was a paraplegic who was also a well known Southside Chicago businessman.The equivalent today would be a fully loaded Range Rover.Rumor has it that Kirk was a D-boy who also managed local artists. SEE ALSO: Da Brat Gets a Makeover The 43-year-old rapper, whose real name is Shawntae Harris, always had a pretty young thing on her arm back in the day.

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Her hair was in tight cornrows, and she had an eyebrow piercing and a neck tattoo.

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