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He is the kind of world-weary Euro-philosopher who, in his lilting Andalusian accent, says things like "I am an artist.I get bored with normal people."On Saturday evening, July 29, Pagan was holding a dinner party he was certain would bore no one.

As in many similar films, such as Jacob's Ladder (1990), Soul Survivors (2001), and The Butterfly Effect (2004), events and people were thoroughly distorted and confused because the protagonist was at the point of death. Jeremy Newman (Stephen Rea) that it was July 29, 2002 (Simon thought it was the year 2000 - he was confused - he heard a doctor say hours! ) A major clue to everything that truly happened was the scene that played next under the credits - hospital staff failed to bring a patient back to life with a defibrillator after a car accident. A second major clue was provided by hospital orderly Travis (Stephen Graham): He thought he had lost two years of his life. In order to recover what you've lost, Simon, we need to find the two points in time and join them."There were lots of confused pathways that he explored as he darted back and forth as a time-traveler between the two years.

The first four guests arrived at seven: Pierre, a mysterious art collector; Maria and Clea, daughters of a filthy-rich Greek shipping magnate; and Natsuko, the daughter of a top executive at Sony International in Tokyo.

Not until almost nine, after Pagan had placed a worried call, did the guest of honor appear: Christopher Rockefeller, the handsome, French-raised heir to the Rockefeller fortune.

hat with all of the fantastic American men around, what made me choose to tie the knot with a foreigner? But in time we did become fascinated with one another’s cultures (even if not always for good reasons).

How about this fun, tongue-in-cheek, stereotypical rundown of some of my favorites (ignoring, of course, all of the challenges that go into an international marriage – you can find those in my post 10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Marry a Foreigner)? I can totally relate to what you say about your non-Latvian husband teaching you about how truly Latvian you are.

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