Dating differences in japan

Coming from America, that was so strange to me since we are always trying to stand out and be different and unique. It was so refreshing to get out of the terminal and see variety.

Men and women had the freedom to dress as they please.

Is the age gap a big issue in the Japanese society? I recently ran into a 16 year old who was dating a 33 year old, but it might have just been an unusual circumstance, so I'm a little curious.

In Japan it is unusual for a older woman with a younger man, but an older man is accepted.

You didn’t see couples walking around wearing the same outfits or groups of friends dressed in head to toe matching outfits.

Japan had the feel of a much older city, and with that feeling, comes more individuality.

Because of this, Japanese women are often more demure, cutesy, a little tempting but not overly forward.

Money can sometimes play a small part in early dates in Japan, where a man might mention his salary, more than once, to emphasize his ability to care for his date.

Having said that, this does not mean all Japanese women will jump straight into bed at the drop of a hat, many can be extremely conservative when it comes to dating, but do recognize that sex is a natural part of life if dating develops into a relationship.

I have to say that when my friends said, “Guys, let’s go to Japan for our long weekend,” I was thinking, “Really? ” I have been living in Korea for a year now, and, visually speaking, it can sometimes be a little boring.

I come from a culturally diverse family, so this situation has been the longest that I have been without diversity.

While I just entered through the You Tube homepage, I saw two videos that really caught my attention.

Nobita (the You Tuber for the channel Find Your Love In Japan) explained on two of the videos on the dating choices between a white person and a black person in Japan.

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